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Amnion moon is a now well-known technique for drying the amnion vack attached to the placenta and creating it as a keepsake. This creates "moons" that give us a sense of what the baby sees in the womb and what it sees through.


In the approximately 3 hour webinar, you will learn how to make an Amnion Moon and design it as a keepsake.


The 1st webinar focuses on how to make moons, background information and knowledge about Amnion, basic design techniques that are sustainable and very long lasting.


The 2nd part then includes further knowledge and some high value and special applications, advertising and marketing materials, pricing and networking for and among vendors. In advance, you will receive a list of tools you will need for this workshop, as well as a couple of questions to think about ahead of time. A script will be emailed shortly before the workshop.


This course is for midwives, midwife nurses, doulas, maternity nurses, social pedagogues.


There are 35 seats in this course.

Minimum number: 10



DATE: to be announced soon

Duration: 3 hours

Price regular: 65 Euro


Professional trainings and workshops are according to §4 Nr. 21 a)bb) UStG. VAT exempt. 


Venue: Zoom Meeting


EN Amnion Mond WEBINAR 1