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Funny Placenta situations

Updated: Feb 22

If you pursue an activity with passion, extreme and unique situations often occur. I prefer to report on this one.


With no visiting hours during covid, it takes some imagination to transfer the placenta to the doula.
After birth, parents ingest the placenta for later processing into an amniotic moon.

I prepared to visit family after breakfast on Christmas Day. My in-laws traditionally make a goose - the men cook and women enjoy tea in the living room. Freshly dressed up at the apartment door, I got a call - from good pleasures and very fresh parents from Nuremberg. They have thought about it again and would like to have this moon from the placenta, I told them months ago. Only they can't get out of the hospital and no one is coming in right now. It was Christmas 2021 under strict Covid regulations. They were lucky and got a family room. They would let the placenta out of the window on a string. Why not? My husband couldn't refuse this service to his friend. We took this detour. I just took my daughter's landing net with me if the cord is not quite enough.

Well, there was no string. They shouted to me: "The cell phone cable is not enough." A lot of question marks came through my head. And then it was crystal clear - the placenta will have to go into a free fall. And I have to catch it. And so did I. Then we went on to our family party. I don't eat goose, but this Christmas has become something quite special and unforgettable.


The amnion in its dried - but by no means optimal - state .
Amnion is a thin layer of skin and part of the amniotic sac.

II am happy like a cookie every time the technology of the Amnion Moon appeals to parents. Maybe I'll imagine it, but this kind of resonance is unique. This was also the case with this mom. It was her third home birth with the midwives. We agreed beforehand that she could ask the midwives to separate the amnion from the placenta and keep it in the cool first. Then I don't need to come right after birth, it's the next day or the day after next. I don't know if other doulas feel the same way, my inhibition to visit the families so fresh doesn't suit me - no matter what client or not. Except for me to be asked. That's how it turned out the day after next. When the two proud parents handed me the amnion in the door, I became chalk pale. Who doesn't know it? If two speak of the same thing and then mean something completely different? They put the amnion on the aluminum foil so that it had completely dried. I approached a small jar or a bag with a closure. At home, I thought about how to bring these two worlds back together. Fortunately, I already had some previous experience with Amnion and also the accessories and so I first moistened this "alien" with a lot of water. It had worked and the Amnion layer detached from the foil and could be edited. This relief was unique, because I didn't want to disappoint the family. I learned from this and developed a handout for parents on how best to transport or hand over their placenta. I don't think it's bad to have experienced such a communication bridge. It would be bad if nothing meaningful had derived from it. And not to ensure that parents are left to pass on without information. AREN'T THERE ANY MORE STORIES?

Everything comes with time, so does the answer.

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